In addition to the BMX Impact Assembly, the StuntMasters offer a complete educational program!  John Parker and crew share the knowledge they've gained from decades of riding in this 4-8 week hands-on, teacher guided reading program with the BMX Impact reward assembly.      (call for pricing.) 

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--Weeks 1-6  Weekly reading assignments and discussion. Reading retention & understanding. Weekly lessons including bicycle safety, teamwork, character building, leadership, goal setting, inclusion, and Newton's Laws of Motion.  

-- Week 7    AR TEST and review.

-- Week 8    students are rewarded with the BMX Impact Motivational Show and awards!

​                                                                                  "You can learn a lot riding a bike!"

after school program ases
after school program ases

StuntMasters, "Whaddya Want?"  is the story of 13 year old, Levi Kraft and his struggle to make sense of the crazy world around him. Finding little purpose in the daily routine of life his thoughts often wander to more exciting places. He falls in with friendly cohorts to suffer through his days until a mystery BMX rider blasts onto the scene at the bus stop. This after school daredevil captures Levi's heart, mind, and dreams with BMX riding. Suddenly he has a reason to care about the people and events that swarm around him. Bit by bit he wakes to a world he never knew existed. With the help of a BMX bike, a skater kid, and some other odd characters he begins to learn that he has special powers of his own; powers of positive thoughts turned into purposeful action. Follow and laugh along as Levi discovers the meaning of the StuntMasters, the identity of the mystery rider, and perhaps the secret of life. 

Course materials:   "StuntMasters: Whaddya Want?" the book!


After school BMX program --ASES

"Stunt Masters by John Parker hits home for many of the youth in our area. I love how students can immediately relate to the main character’s perspective, and raptures them in for more! The moral of the story sends a powerful message to kids, as well, and since they can relate so readily to the story the message resonates in them. A great read, and an exciting adventure… We can’t wait for the next one!"

         -Michelle Stout
          Kingman Middle School
          21st CCLC Grant Coordinator 


a learning experience like no other!

In the air and in the class                                             ...BMX-Class!