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We've got an awesome show for your students with BMX stunts on the ground and in the air.  It's the BMX Impact Motivational Assembly!  And trust me, BMX is way more than crazy stunts and dumb luck --it's a lot of hard work, focus, dedication, and practice, practice, practice! It is a lot of the same things that students need to do every day to be successful. But even after they've graduated, went on to college, and ventured out into the world, they're not done learning.  Everyday is a chance to learn something new!

Our team has decades of experience performing around the world.  We perform year round in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.  We offer discounted rates for our BMX school assembly during tours. The BMX Impact School Assembly regularly tours from Sacramento and San Francisco through Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, and down to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego to offer great discounts to schools booking in pairs and title 1 schools. 

 The BMX Impact Motivational Assembly is our way of sharing what we have learned with the next generation of leaders.  Our BMX school assemblies focus on character building, bicycle safety, Physical Science, drug awareness,  positive behavior,goal setting, and anti-bully or friendship. We focus on theBody, the Mind, and the X-factor . 

school assemlby
school assemlby

Our 45-60 minute motivational, educational, and inspirational school assembly with ramps, professional speakers, and athletes start at $850.

                             *Ask about title 1 discounts and less expensive options as low as $650.


We offer three assemblies with a further focused message:  

          1: SPOKES of CHARACTER:  

          2:   STEM PROGRAM:  Physical Science
"BMX in Motion"

          3:  BICYCLE SAFETY:  
"Ride like you're invisible"



We grab students’ attention and keep it while discussing important issues with a first-hand perspective. We call this our "showtime" assembly because everyday is a student's chance to show the world what they are made of. We discuss the finer points of character and how all our goals depend on having strong character -- character counts even when you're riding a bike! Our Showtime Assembly can further focus on anti-bullying, physical fitness, and goal setting. Our show helps motivate students with positive role models and action sports. 

2:   STEM PROGRAM:   "BMX in Motion"

New to our program is the
BMX in Motion Assembly. We use BMX freestyle to explain Newton's Laws of Motion in a fun way. Physical science is brought to life with high flying stunts and intricate moves on ground. This exciting show brings StuntMaster Newton to life for 45 minutes of BMX stunts and education. 

 We developed this show with ASU's Director of Science is Fun, Roxanna Montoya.   

"StuntMaster's new physics based demonstration is wonderful. Not only does it provide a vivid real time example of Newton’s Laws of Motion, it does so in a completely original and exciting way. Known for its striking shows and impressive aerial tricks, StuntMaster's has gone beyond dazzle to show the science behind tricks. Students now have the opportunity to see the basic principles of Newton’s Laws of Motion in action, in a completely extraordinary way.

Whether your students are taking high school physics or being introduced to Newton for the first time, this thrilling demonstration will give educators a point of reference not found in books. Rather than reading about how things work, students will have the chance to experience the phenomenon in a memorable way. As an educator, you will no doubt find ways to reference the show throughout the year. This presentation, paired with some physics simulation software, has the potential to get even the most reluctant students interested in learning more!"

Roxanna Montoya, M.Ed
STEM Outreach Coordinator
Instructor, ASU Science is Fun
ASU/NASA Space Grant Mentor
Arizona State University

The show...

We discuss the three laws of motion and demonstrate with tricks on the ground and in the air.  For example:

          "An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends
          to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force." 

We explain that one way we get speed / motion in our sport is by dropping in from atop a ramp.  We discuss Position and Potential energy.  We demonstrate the difference in speed turned into aerials (height and distance) by dropping in from different sized ramps and measuring the resulting aerials. 

Here is an article from a local paper where we performed this show:

3: BICYCLE SAFETY:  "Ride like you're invisible" not invincible!   

Our Mega Fun Bicycle Safety Assembly is a great way instruct students on proper bicycle road rules, protective gear, bike maintenance, and safe routes to school. It starts by remaining defensive. "Ride like you're invisible" not invincible reminds students to make sure they are looking out for themselves. 

school assemlby

Great for bicycle month!