StuntMasters Inc is proud to offer schools a FREE bicycle freestyle show and free motivational assembly with this unique fundraising opportunity that encourages students to READ!   All it takes is three easy steps to get started:  

  1.  Activate a fundraising account with the StuntMasters to receive a promo packet. ​
  2.  Students and the community can purchase StuntMasters "Whaddya Want?" through the
       school's account.​
  3.  Your school earns money for every book sold and once the school's account reaches
      *200 books sold the students earn a free StuntMasters BMX Impact Show!  



                           ***Schools earn money whether they meet goal or not***

Your elementary or middle school can earn a free BMX impact school assembly with our empowering reading program.

                         BMX Fundraising

Administrators: Register Your School today! 

Promo posters for your fundraiser!

Order a 3 - 12" x 19"  poster promo kit  and PDF / Logo package to promote

your fundraiser and show!